Fastest and Most Professional iPhone Repair in Memphis

Stop wandering around with a broken screen and end the frustration of a damaged cell phone with our fast and convenient phone repair service. With the iPhone being so popular, it’s only a logical conclusion that more people using it, means there will be more users dealing with broken and cracked screens. Apple Care has limited replacements, but like most other people, a broken screen is never planned and can happen for the most random reasons. Memphis has a legit Apple Retail location, but when it’s late at night and you need a screen fixed so you can use your phone again – third party cell phone repair is the type of service you’ll want to have on call to solve your problem. Here are the most common services and problems Apple users run into, and the average cost and turn around time to get repaired.

Broken iPhone Screen Replacements – Cost and How Long Does It Take?

Cracked or distorted cell phone and iPhone LCD? Many people have been in this situation, and it can be a major problem that you need solved as fast as possible. Local mobile repair shops can offer screen replacement within 1 hour, and often have emergency on-site services where they have a professional trained technician come on-site and repair your screen right in front of you. Since these are third party repair services, they do actually invalidate the existing warranty, however as your only option, as long as you do the proper research and go with a qualified repair shop this is definitely not a problem. Screen replacement for your mobile device starts from $100 and can range all the way up to $300 depending on your model (hint: newer iPhone’s are more costly to repair!). View pricing and book your phone repair here to get started!

Phone Battery Draining Too Fast: Quick Solutions

If there is one problem everyone with an Android or iPhone has, its keeping their battery life in line with their app usage. If you are constantly streaming and need your phone to not die within 6 hours of your work day starting, than replacing the battery is something you should look into. It’s actually the most cost-efficient and fast way to expand your battery life and can be done just as fast as your broken screen issues can be solved. Batteries often do not last longer than a year without significantly losing their original lifespan, and local phone repair shops in Memphis can get it fixed faster than waiting for your carrier to fix it (they usually ship it off, which means repairs take over a week).

iphone battery replacement

iPhone Battery Life Fixes in Memphis






Lastly, before you book any on-site service, it is crucial you make sure they are a vetted and most of all insured repair service. The last thing you want is to end up is a repair technician working on your premises (even though it’s only fixing a phone) and hurting themselves which would make you legally liable. According to Juan Carlos Gonzalez Abogado de caidas you could run into serious problems. Issues such as slipping on an icey sidewalk or a car accident. This might be a lot to think about for a simple phone repair, but it can keep you safe and your phone fixed with less headache and less cost.